Mission Statement

ECGMA has as its primary objective the conservation of the natural resources of the Eastern Cape, based on the principles of private enterprise.

This is achieved through:

  • Conservation via sustainable utilisation
  • The correct management of wildlife in the Eastern Cape
  • The introduction and conservation of suitable species
  • The economical marketing of wildlife and wildlife products
  • Research in wildlife management and conservation
  • Knowledge, love and respect for wild life
  • Strict observance of laws, ordinances and regulations relating to hunting and wildlife conservation

Other Aims

  • To conduct or organise training and educational courses for its members.
  • To pursue its activities without political or sectarian bias.
  • To make knowledge available with regard to game management and association activities by means of newsletters, publications, meetings, demonstrations, lectures, workshops and tours of game ranches.
  • To assist and collaborate with and/or act as liaison between members and the authorities in furthering the interests of game management.
  • To promote, support or oppose as may be deemed expedient, any proposed legislative or other measure affecting the interest of members.
  • To collaborate with the other organisations of similar or allied objectives and to become affiliated to such other organisations.
  • Management of the Association
  • Permanent office in Despatch (20 km inland from Port Elizabeth)
  • Full time CEO with appropriate qualifications and experience
  • Secretary
  • Full time Training / Marketing officer
  • Executive Committee with designated members for Association Divisions and activities