Another great day on the range! The 2023 Boer and Brit shoot is done and dusted and we would like to thank everyone who came attended and helped to make this such a successful day.

Congratulations to all the new Range Officers who completed their theory and practical tests.

The Boere took the trophy home again!

The 3 top shots of the day:

3rd place – Chris Ruytenberg with 105 points

2nd place – Tie with Steven Neuper and Johan Human with 115 points

1st place – Chris Boyce with 125 points

The prestigious “Thanks For Coming” trophy was won by Thomas Verster after a shootout round.

2022 Junior Hunters Mentor Hunting Competition

2022 JUNIOR HUNTER/MENTOR HUNTING COMPETITION In satisfying one of CHASA’s strategic objectives we offer the 2022 CHASA Junior Hunter/Mentor Hunting Competition, which is a hunting story and photo-based lucky draw. This competition is to give more attention to attracting junior hunters, as well as to expose them to local hunting associations and the associations hunting […]

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