Dedicated Hunter

The Dedicated Hunter course is the theoretical part of applying and achieving your dedicated hunter status in terms of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000.

This course will cover aspects of hunting, the ordinances and proclamations related to hunting, firearm safety and hunting ethics, fauna and flora and basic first aid topics.

A pass rate of 80% is required. Once you have passed the online exam and completed the practical assessment, you can apply for the dedicated hunter status.

2022 Junior Hunters Mentor Hunting Competition

2022 JUNIOR HUNTER/MENTOR HUNTING COMPETITION In satisfying one of CHASA’s strategic objectives we offer the 2022 CHASA Junior Hunter/Mentor Hunting Competition, which is a hunting story and photo-based lucky draw. This competition is to give more attention to attracting junior hunters, as well as to expose them to local hunting associations and the associations hunting […]

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