November 5, 2023

Firearm Ownership

In this section you can find out the different types of catergories to posses a firearm, how to apply to get a firearm license, how to own a firearm for self defense and how to write a motivational letter to own and use a firearm. Firearm ownership is a FULLTIME responsibility. To own a firearm in South Africa, you need to comply with certain provisions of the Firearms Control Act of 2000 which in short includes the following: See detailed explanation on other pages

  • Be found competent to own a specific type of firearm.

This includes passing the prescribed competency tests, both theory and practical examination. Successful background checks and character references No criminal record related to any violence, especially domestic violence. Successful competency application through your local DFO. (SAPS 517)

  • Apply for the firearm licence

Firearm should be purchased or obtained from a legal owner, which includes private sales or firearm dealers or from a deceased estate You need your valid competency for the applicable firearm Completed the SAPS 271 form

  • Write a full motivation why you need to own the specific firearm.

Supply any details of membership and or dedicated status Submit this form with supporting documentation at your local DFO Your application will be processed by your local DFO and then on a regular basis, these applications are sent to the provincial firearms centre and in turn they transport these applications to the Central Firearms Registry in Pretoria where your application will be processed. A standard application should take about 3 months, but this is not a hard and fast estimate as some members have been very lucky and received a license within as little as three weeks and other unlucky members as long as one year. Once your application has been approved, you should receive an SMS from the CFR stating that your license has been approved. Your license card will be printed and deliver to your local DFO. NOTE: On receipt of your new license card, please verify all the details, make and model, firearm serial number, section under which the license was issued, ID number and personal details.